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Sightseeing Taxi

Sightseeing Taxi Part 2

Fragrance Garden Herbnara + Mooee Arts Center + Mill Bridge

Train Travel Program Using KTX at Nearby Stations Including Pyeongchang Station and Jinbu Station

Included fares: Round-trip KTX train fare, sightseeing taxi fare, tourist destination admission fee
* Departure with at least 2 people

Course Information


Seoul Station 08:01 → Pyeongchang Station 09:38 (KTX 805)

Take a sightseeing taxi at 10:00

Farm Herbnara (Lunch)

10:00 ~ 10:20 Pyeongchang Station → Haggling Valley & Herbnara

10:20 ~ 12:00 Walk around Herbnara & enjoy restaurant & cafe/Lunch – Herb Bibimbap

12:00 ~ 12:10 Herbnara → Mooee Arts Center


Happy 700 Pyeongchang, Farm Herbnara located in Bongpyeong-myeon, the hometown of Hyo-Seok Lee’s “When Buckwheat Flowers Blossom”, was opened in 1993 and it is Korea’s first tourist farm themed with herbs.

Heungjeong Valley flowing with clear water is one of the best eco-friendly healing gardens that is located in the natural environment, provided by nature, and cultivated by humans. It is positioned as a representative tourist attraction in Gangwon-do.

Mooee Arts Center

12:10 to 13:10 Visit the Mooee Arts Center

13:10 ~ 13:40 Mooee Arts Center → Mill Bridge


Pyeongchang Mooee Arts Center blooming as flowers of arts at the closed school

Pyeongchang Mooee Arts Center which was transformed into by the closed school has become a beautiful attraction itself. Currently, artists such as Western-style painter Jeong Yeon-Seo, sculptor Oh Sang-Wook, potter Kwon Soon-Beom, and calligrapher Lee Chun-Seop are actively engaged in creative activities there. When you visit Pyeongchang Mooee Arts Center, you can see the scenes of artists’ work activities and participate in various experience programs. Its spacious playground is decorated as an outdoor sculpture park with large sculptures. When you go up to the art observatory, you can see a picturesque landscape which gives you another impression.

Mill Bridge & Bangadari Mineral Spring

13:40 ~ 16:00 Walk on Mill Bridge & fir forest and cafe and taste of mineral water from the Bangadari Mineral Spring

16:00 ~ 16:30 Mill Bridge → Jinbu Station

Mill Bridge is located at Bangadari-ro, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do. As it is located on the way to Bangadari Mineral Spring, it is a space where visitors can take a rest.

It’s a modern look you’d find in a city, but it is also well harmonized with the beautiful nature. The interior is simple yet cozy, so it is a good place for couples or families. You may take a rest at Mill Bridge where you can drink a cup of aromatic Americano in the clean fir forest out of the complicated city. Wheelchair is accessible.


Jinbu Station 16:50 → Seoul Station 18:30 (KTX 820)

※ The schedule may be changed due to local weather and circumstances.

Operation Information and Boarding Location

Regular Operation Course Operating Date Boarding Location
Fragrance Garden Herbnara + Mooee Arts Center + Mill Bridge From May 22 (Departure with at least 2 people) Seoul Station

Fare per capita

division 2 people / 3 eople 4 people
Adults KRW 97,000 KRW 92,000 KRW 87,000
Children and Youths KRW 77,000 KRW 73,000 KRW 69,000

Included fares

Round-trip ktx train fare -> Sightseeing taxi fare -> Tourist attraction admission fee  Sightseeing taxi fare Tourist attraction admission fee

Reservation Inquiry

  • Hongik Travel Agency 02)717-1002
  • Bogun Travel Agency 02)3210-1210
  • Pyeongchang Management Station 033)520-8155
  • Pyeongchang Bauddeul 033)336-7437


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