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City Tour

It is a city tour program where you can travel around Pyeongchang while listening to the story about Pyeongchang from a tour guide on a city bus that operates at KTX Pyeongchang Station and Jinbu Station.

The Pyeongchang City Tour will allow you to immerse yourself in the charm of Pyeongchang with a deep understanding of Pyeongchang that you have not known before!

I'm going to Pyeongchang. Pyeongchang in the World

Olympic Road

Course 1 – The Olympic Road is a course where a bus runs all the time except for the days of operating Courses 2 and 3. It consists of Woljeongsa Temple, Odaesan Mountain Sanchae Village, Balwangsan Cable Car, Ski History Museum, BAU Mall Photo Postcard Experience and Osam Bulgogi Street. The Olympic Road is a course where you can feel healing and relaxation with the unique feeling about Pyeongchang.

Pyeongchang where you can feel literature and nature

Bongpyeong Market Road

Course 2 – Bongpyeong Market Road is operated on the market day that ends on the 2nd and 7th days and consists of a tour schedule where you can feel the literature and warmth in Bongpyeong, the background of the novel [In the Buckwheat Blossom Time]. By traveling Bongpyeong Traditional Market, Lee Hyo-seok Literature Museum, Pyeongchang Mooee Arts Center and Herbnara in sequence, you can feel the warm-heartedness of merchants and the beauty of literature and nature.

Pyeongchang for Healing, Pyeongchang for Wellness

Jinbu Market Road

Course 3 – Jinbu Market Road is a place famous for wild vegetables and medicinal herbs at the foot of Odaesan Mountain. It is similar to Course 1 because it allows you to travel Woljeongsa Temple, Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch, Ski History Museum, BAU Mall Photo Postcard Experience and the Osam Bulgogi Street but the characteristic of this course is the experience of the Jinbu market with a variety of agricultural products and dishes.

With fresh wind, rocks and trees, resting course in nature

Eco Healing Road

Course 4 – Eco Healing Road with the theme of natural healing for tourists consists of natural resources such as Pyeongchang Rock Park, Peace Road, Stone Cultural Art Center, and Cheongoksan Yukbaekmajigi.

In addition, the course is popular among users by including Cheongoksan Yukbaekmajigi attracting great responses through social media in the City Tour course.


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