Seongbo Museum safely protects the Seongbo cultural assets enclosed in approximately 60 traditional temples belonging to the Korean Buddhism Jogye Order’s 4th district, which are exposed to natural or artificial damage, from theft and efficiently preserves and manages them against the biological and chemical contamination of relics. It was established with the aim of accumulating systematic researches on cultural properties to share correct information on Seongbo cultural assets to the public and the academia and to provide a more open cultural space through the exhibition of relics.

Seongbo Museum is a Buddhist-specialty museum that exhibits, studies, preserves and manages the holy treasures of Buddhist statues, Buddhist paintings, All kinds of majestic articles, instrument, or utensils for ornamentation, grandeur, and sublimity of Buddhism, Buddhists’ ritual accessories, and Buddhist scriptures from approx. 60 temples in the southern part of Gangwon-do. It contains more than 620 excellent holy treasures as cultural properties including National Treasure No. 292 Sangwonsa Jungchang Kwonseonmun, Treasure No.139 Woljeongsa Stone Statue, 12 Sarira from Treasure No.1375 Octagonal Nine-story Stone Pagoda of Woljeongsa Temple, 23 relics from Treasure No.793 Munsu-donja Buddha statue in Sangwonsa Temple and Gangwon-do tangible cultural properties.


Opening hours

09:30-16:30 every day Admission deadline 4:00 PM

Closed on Monday (Closed on January 1)

Nearby Places to Visit

Odaesan National Park, Woljeongsa Temple Stay, Seonjae-gil Trail, etc.



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176, Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do


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