Pyeongchang Hot Weather Hunting Festival

Pyeongchang Hot Weather Hunting Festival is the representative summer festival of Gangwon-do, which started in 2013. The event is held in the sweat park where the cool sweat flows at 10 ℃ throughout the year and it is a festival where there is no time for you to get bored with various experience events and performances.

Pyeongchang Hot Weather Hunting Festival is largely composed of an experience yard, an Eoullim yard, and a food yard.

At the experience yard, you can enjoy the net fishing experience at Daehwacheon, Samgut event, and trout bare hand fishing. At the Eoullim yard, you can see high-level art performances such as folk performances, orchestra, and family song contest, etc.

At the food yard, you can taste a variety of dishes, including grated noodles, the special menu for the Olympics, grilled potatoes, potato pancakes and fried corn and vegetables.


Major facilities – Camping site

Nearby Places to Visit

Conversation with Dreams Camping Site, Pyeongchang Bobae Experience Ranch, Daehwa Traditional Market, Bonghwang Village, Geumdang Valley, etc.



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