Odaesan Meditation Village established near Woljeongsa Temple was opened in July 2018 and it has a meditation center, lodging, experience facilities, commercial facilities, etc. With a floor space of 9,917 m2 on the land of 99,174 m2 at the entrance of Odaesan National Park, it has 100 guest rooms, cultural and experience facilities. With the slogan “Rest in the forest, eat nature, and play slowly,” this place emphasizes the priority of restoring the tired body and mind in order to heal the wounds of guests’ heart in their busy lives.

OMV has 20 ondol rooms, 38 twin rooms and 18 single rooms that can accommodate 150 guests. It has nature-friendly styles: “Dongrim Zen Center,” a meditation hall that conducts meditation programs, a forest path in the valley where you can meditate while walking and a restaurant “Supida,” which provides natural meals. All guest rooms have private areas for meditation and they do not have a TV set, Wi-Fi and a refrigerator for a digital detox. It offers healing yoga programs and nature meditation programs every morning and afternoon and a program titled “Walk Together” on weekends.


It takes one hour and 40 minutes from KTX Seoul Station to Jinbu Station and then 15 minutes from Jinbu Station to OMV by taxi.

Opening hours

09:30-17:30 every day

Nearby Places to Visit

Gihwa-ri Elephant Rock, Wondang Valley, Odaesan National Park, etc.



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312, Dongsan-ri, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do


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