It is a Buddhist culture festival held yearly in October at Woljeongsa Temple in Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do.

It has been held since 2004 to open Woljeongsa Temple in Odaesan National Park as a cultural space and to give people an opportunity to experience the Buddhist culture of Woljeongsa. It is co-hosted by Woljeongsa and The Gangwon Ilbo and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Jogye Order Korean Buddhism and Gangwon-do.

The main events include the ceremony of dotting of the eyes on the painting of a Buddha or on a Buddha statue and Nakseong (Completion) Ceremony at Dharma Cakra Building in Woljeongsa, the ceremony of genuine or holy sarira or relics from which you can see sarira, performance of the tea ceremony as the essence of the tea culture, ceremony of offering to Buddha, ceremony of receiving the precepts prescribed by the Buddha, Buddhist hymn contest, mountain temple film festival, performance of bara dance and dance in the costume of a crane, mountain temple contest, samulnori performance, performance of Buddhist songs or hymn (important intangible cultural property no. 50), Temple Crane Dance Research Society, etc.


Period – Mid-October

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Odaesan National Park



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