Standing east facing Odaesan Mountain as a line of the Taebaek Mountains, Gyebangsan Mountain, at 1,577 m above sea level, is the fifth highest mountain in Korea, following Hallasan Mountain, Jirisan Mountain, Seoraksan Mountain and Deogyusan Mountain.

On the west of Gyebangsan Mountain is Unduryeong (at 1,089 m above sea level), which is quite as high as a mountain pass vehicles move and Eulsugol is on the north. On the southern part, there are two springs good for health: Bangadari Mineral Spring and New Mineral Spring. Gyebangsan Mountain is a place where various medicinal herbs and wild flowers grow naturally. In particular, it is famous for wild ginseng where ginseng diggers gather throughout all seasons. In addition, it has and grows colonies of yew and azalea trees as revolving trees and the geographical features of the mountain are similar to those of Daecheongbong Peak of Seorak Mountain. This area is an ecosystem-protecting area.

From Gyebangsan Mountain, you can see Seorak Mountain, Odaesan Mountain, Gariwangsan Mountain, Geumdangsan Mountain, Dutasan Mountain, Taegisan Mountain and others at a glance. In particular, the amazing winter scenes that can be enjoyed only in winter continues until early March and they are popular with mountaineers. Because the difference in elevation between Unduryeong at the altitude of 1,089 m and the summit is 488 m, the mountain has the great advantage for people who can hike easily. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the backbone of the Baekdudaegan Mountains at a glance. So, it is considered one of the best observatory points in the vicinity. Seoraksan Mountain and Jumbongsan Mountain in the north, Noinbong Peak of Odaesan Mountain and Daegwallyeong in the east and Hoegisan Mountain and Taegisan Mountain in the west create panoramic views.


* Course A

Unduryeong – Anbu (1,126 m) – Heliport (1,492 m) – Summit – Namneung – Hill at the altitude of 1,210m – AretSamgeori (Three-way Intersection) (8.9 km, 4-5 hours)

* Course B

Unduryeong – Anbu (1,126 m) – Heliport (1,492 m) – Summit – Ongdalsam – 2nd Camp (Sangatteo) (9.5 km, 5 hours)

Nearby Places to Visit

Gyebangsan Mountain auto camping site, Unduryeong Pass, Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall, Gyebangsan Village, etc.



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